pizza rox

Pizza Rox utilize a “free your pizza” build-your-own format that allows guests to choose among a number of signature pies or tailor one to their own tastes from a broad selection of fresh, locally sourced toppings, with organically grown options. Individual-sized pies are then baked in less than three minutes in a stone-hearth 800-degree rotating oven that is a centerpiece of the restaurant, producing an exceptionally crisp, authentic Neapolitan pizza. In addition to the pizzas, made with proprietary dough (including gluten-free options), sauces and spice mixes, each Pizza Rox will also offer unique salads, desserts, coffee, soft drinks, craft beer and wine.

1880 N. Congress Avenue, Unit 150
Boynton Beach, Florida 33426
(561) 200-0792

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